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4 planning tips for efficient pool service routes

4 planning tips for efficient pool service routes:- Creating the best pool maintenance route comes with a unique challenge. However, the real trick involves coming up with the most cost-effective pool maintenance route and still maintaining a high level of service to your customers. By following the many basic steps and using Pool Office Manager’s pool service software, you can improve your team’s efficiency and ultimately increase your profit margins. Here are four tips for planning efficient service routes.

Use pool software to optimize service routes’s pool service can help software companies provide a high level of service. This is because pool management software ensures that employees send back detailed information to the office immediately. Also, it is updated directly on the customer’s service order; Including information such as job content, job status and chemical readings before and after, time spent, and other special notes for your client. The use of pool software makes your service department more efficient if you focus on project planning and planning. Use Google Maps to plan routes and keep a complete record of pool services.

Plan ahead to reduce driving delays

One obstacle to business profitability is a weak fuel economy. However, the best way to combat a weak fuel economy is to keep vehicles off the road whenever possible. Plan your normal route to avoid congestion and congestion as it helps reduce idle time. Choosing ways to avoid traffic also helps you reduce the time it takes to move between one job and another. Again, pool service dispatchers need to come up with a route that avoids traffic, rush hours, school areas, and other vulnerable situations.

Optimize pool technician capabilities

To help achieve greater efficiency, add technicians with complementary skill sets. Note that it is best to assign the most senior tech to handle endless pools, pools with water facilities, etc. Evaluate past data to establish the effectiveness of your teams. Checking that the right teams are assigned the right jobs means that their skills should be appropriate for the job and when not, provide them with thorough training as well as good mentors to get the job done.

Plan similar services together

Organizing together for similar jobs, customers and services can significantly reduce the time spent on the customer pool. In addition, many stops will require specialized chemicals, equipment, or technician skill sets. Most pool companies may not have interchangeable equipment/trucks/staff, so it is cost-effective to assign specialized technicians to specific customers. By doing so, you will reduce the number of expensive tools required for a particular job. Plus it helps you practice your best techniques on more difficult tasks.


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