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Advantages of digital retinal imaging

Advantages of digital retinal imaging: Pictures can speak louder than words, and digital retinal imaging helps take a picture of the inside of your eye. It is used to detect any problem with respect to the internal parts of your eye and thus your doctor can take the necessary steps to correct your eye problem. This can help cure any ailments at a faster rate before they become serious.

Digital retinal imaging

This device helps your eye doctor see inside your eye without much effort, so he can clearly see what has happened to your eyes and how to treat it. With digital retinal imaging, you can identify the signs of certain diseases like

Diabetes –

This can damage your retinal blood vessels and, if not controlled, can lead to vision loss.

Macular Degeneration –

This is nothing more than bleeding from your back eye and is usually related to your age. People with this disorder may have blurred vision and cannot focus on things.

High Blood Pressure –

The first symptom of your high blood pressure will show up in your eyes. When your blood vessels become narrowed, spots on the back of your retina can confirm this disorder.

Retinal Detachment –

Your retina can be lifted or pulled away from the wall of your eye and this can cause permanent vision loss.

Glaucoma –

This is nothing but pressure on your nerves and blockage of blood vessels in your eye.

Cancer –

Melanoma is a dark spot that has grown unintentionally behind your retina and can be treated if it is detected at an early stage.

These are disorders that can be detected when an eye doctor has a retinal imaging device in the hospital.


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