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An Inspirational Name Bringing Positive World Change

An Inspirational Name Bringing Positive World Change: There are many diseases and pains in the world that affect one’s progress. Most people are unhappy with themselves. They live a fast life and move forward in the race for success. Those who do not taste the fruits of success sink into depression, and misery follows them. People wear masks, and now it is difficult to find a person who fully accepts himself. Unfortunately, this is not good news for the planet, and this is where people must urgently make a positive change in the world.

Teal Swan – How you can be part of a positive world change mission

Teal Swan is a well-known motivational speaker, author and spiritual teacher. Born in 1984 in Santa Fe, New Mexico, she has the gift of extrasensory abilities. You can ease the pain with his meditation tools and wisdom of the world. However, life has not been kind to him; As a child, he suffered abuse. She did not give up and grew up using her past tragic experiences to reach out and help others.

The main root of pain and suffering lies in the failure to experience the truth.

According to him, most people suffer pain and suffering because they cling to beliefs that do them more harm than good. Some know that their views are inappropriate; However, they do not dare to face the truth, which causes them to suffer more. The consequences are dire because it robs them of the power to see the truth as it is.

Depression and sadness

As a spiritual guide and teacher, he guides towards truth and authenticity. It helps people see reality, no matter how unpleasant it may seem. Due to upheaval in their lives, they cannot face this fact, which leads to confusion and severe depression, which leads to unhappiness. However, they can be freed from the bonds of pain and suffering in the process. They can move towards independence, which changes the direction of their lives.

Two types of spiritual seekers

According to him, there are two types of spiritual seekers – those who embrace spirituality to feel good, others who have the courage to face the truth and accept whatever comes their way. Reality is unpleasant. However, it helps them to free themselves from the web of sorrow and deep pain.

When people are free from suffering, they can better focus on themselves. They can become better human beings and become an authentic version of themselves. This scenario is similar to the movie “The Matrix” where the blue and red bullets were examples of accepting the truth and moving forward or going back to pain and suffering.


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