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bonnell spring mattress

bonnell spring mattress: For this reason, it is important to first have a clear idea of the most suitable spring system in relation to one’s individual needs when purchasing. A traditional spring mattress is the Bonnell spring. He was born in the late nineteenth century: he was the one who had the brilliant idea of using metal to make a comfortable prop for sleeping.

In the years that followed, many innovations and improvements took place. But this idea is still the basis of the modern Bonnell spring mattress, and that’s not to say spring mattresses haven’t stood the test of time! The Bonnell spring system is a system of bionic springs that are “interlocked” with each other. This is in contrast to the pocket spring system. This is one aspect that cannot be ignored while choosing with all its pros and cons.

Advantages (and limitations) of Bonnell spring mattresses, especially Bonnell’s

Even today, the spring mattress is widely used mainly for its price which is generally low compared to other types of mattresses.

There are many quality traditional spring mattresses on the market, some even of high quality.

Generally speaking, we can say that a traditional spring mattress is characterized by,

  • be strong enough
  • For the springs working “together”, that gives us a sense of unity
  • relatively cheap,
  • Durability: A traditional spring mattress has an average lifespan of 10-15 years.

On the other hand, although these springs are connected to each other, they transmit body movements from one section of the bed to another, in the case of a double mattress, prone to noise at times (especially with older mattresses). in).

Other Alternative Types of Bonnell Spring Mattresses

As we have said, apart from Bonnell spring mattresses, there are other types of spring mattresses as well. Let’s briefly see what they are.


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