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How insurance companies can act against your best interests as a car accident victim

During a car accident, the insurance company of the defective driver will want to pay the injured victim as little as possible. Generally, the company will contact the victim immediately after the accident. But, this call is not to help the victim get the required amount of compensation. Instead, the company will offer a lobol settlement to try to settle the claim quickly. If you are one of these victims it is in your best interest to retain the services of an experienced Houston car accident attorney. Your attorney will ask you to reduce the conversation with any of the insurance company. Keep reading to find out why insurance companies may contact you after a car accident and how they may act against your interests.

Making quick settlement proposals

Insurance companies employ claim adjusters to keep in touch with claimants immediately after a car accident. So as to offer them a quick but low ball settlement. Their offer does not take into account what is best for you. Instead, it benefits the company’s interests. Insurance companies bring in more in the form of insurance premiums than paid in claims to make money. Thus, they can offer a quick settlement that is less than the cost of your claim.

Getting information they can use against you

Someone from the at-fault driver’s insurance company may contact you to attempt to obtain statements and information. which can be used against you. During your conversation with the insurance adjuster, they may try to persuade you to admit guilt for the accident. You can assure that your injury is entitled to a certain amount of compensation. Or ask you to talk about a certain detail. In addition to the evidence, the adjuster may ask to admit of guilt in the accident to undervalue or refute your claim.

Lets you talk before you consult a lawyer

The insurance adjuster may try to call you before talking to your attorney. When you hire a lawyer to represent you, the insurance company may not be able to easily manipulate you or take advantage of your situation.

If you have been contacted by a representative of the errant party’s insurance company. So you should talk to a lawyer before answering them. A skilled lawyer can handle communication with the representative. and can advise you. How to defend the value of your claim.


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