Friday, June 14, 2024

My favorite feature of my CRM tool

My favorite feature of my CRM tool: Customer relationship management (CRM) refers to the technology used by an organization to manage its interactions with its customers. CRM serves all areas of an organization, from operations, sales, and marketing to customer services and IT, to streamline leads, increase sales, and build positive customer relationships—all with the goal of increasing profitability.

There are various CRM systems available to businesses, each unique in its design and target audience. Recently, I chose to try InvestGlass CRM software and found a variety of great benefits for my business. Read on to learn more about my favorite feature of my new CRM tool.

What does InvestGlass CRM offer?

InvestGlass is a forward-thinking customer relationship management solution that provides me with actionable analytics so I can work to improve my business. Its features include:

Digital Onboarding

Unlike other CRM systems, InvestGlass offers digital onboarding – an advanced feature that is easy to navigate thanks to the software’s user-friendly interface. Digital onboarding collects information from my customers that I can then use to create targeted marketing and generate leads.

Automated actions and reactions

InvestGlass enables me to automate multiple operations, thus streamlining my business operations. This includes creating automated email responses, event listings, follow-up notifications and approval processes.

Custom area

Using InvestGlass means I can customize the fields in my CRM to match my business processes. This ensures that my customer relationships are working for me, allowing my business to thrive.

Targeted Marketing

By linking my organization’s email to InvestGlass, I can send hyper-targeted marketing campaigns to potential customers. InvestGlass uses customer information to identify sales leads in compliance with GDPR regulations.

Centralizes customer data

By centralizing my customer and prospect data, InvestGlass makes it easy for employees in my organization to access important market data. It provides analytics that can impact the actions of my sales, marketing, IT, commerce and customer service teams.

So, what is my favorite feature of InvestGlass CRM?

InvestGlass CRM has changed the way my business deals with customers and market data. It is an accessible CRM solution that requires no coding experience and runs on a user-friendly platform. As a result, I have found it to be an invaluable addition to my business operations.

My favorite feature of InvestGlass is definitely its ability to build pipelines. By creating separate tabs for my business processes and accounts and highlighting which stage each stage is, I have been able to better organize my business and predict the future.


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