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Overview of Massey Ferguson Tractor Manufacturing Company

Overview of Massey Ferguson Tractor Manufacturing Company: The company Massey Ferguson was formed in 1953 as a result of a merger between two agricultural equipment manufacturing companies, Massey Harris and Harry Ferguson. Massey Ferguson tried his best to improve the cultivation process and thus played a positive role in agriculture through his updated machinery. A financial downturn in the 1990s led to the company downsizing and collapsing. Until then the company existed as a brand name Tractor Parts, but it is still serving the agricultural industry as a market leader.

The story begins normally. In 1847, when Mr. Daniel Massey started a machine building production unit in Canada and built the world’s first mechanical thresher. The company was later taken over by his son Hart Almerin Massey and the company was renamed Massey Manufacturing. His absolute devotion and dedication to his work has made his company famous among the world renowned mechanical manufacturing companies and thus recognized internationally. Apart from this, Hart Elmerin Massey graduated in 1891 with an A.B. HARRIS, SON & COMPANY LIMITED. which made them among the largest mechanical manufacturers in the world.


The Massey-Harris Company eventually merged with the Ferguson Tractor Company in 1953 and was renamed Massey-Harris-Ferguson. The Ferguson Tractor Company was owned by Harry Ferguson, an engineer from Ireland. Prior to the merger with Massey-Harris, Harry Ferguson played a major role in the agricultural industry in Ireland.

Tractor Manufacturing Era:

After the merger of the two giants they produced the most popular TE-20 tractor ever. The merger gave the company great strength which brought them to produce around one lakh units per year to give their maximum output to strengthen the agricultural industry. Later the company started producing new versions of tractors with more and more features and the best example of this was the Ferguson FE-35 model which enabled the user to have more precision as well as proper control over the machine.

Later in the 50s spark engines were replaced by Dana Spicer Parts and thus Massey Ferguson proved itself as a participant in the new era of diesel engine manufacturing. Massey Ferguson later introduced a new range of tractors with diesel engines with the production of the FE-35 tractor, Massey-Ferguson 35, Massey-Ferguson 65 being the best examples. The most important role in the production of diesel engines was played by Perkins, who built diesel engines for Massey Ferguson. They produced a diesel engine for the Massey Ferguson 65 tractor model which proved to be the best diesel engine ever produced and the company won the confidence of Massey Ferguson and tractor buyers leading to a binding contract in 1959. More and more modern high speed diesel engines are made for Massey Ferguson and are still serving Massey Ferguson.

As time went on Massey Ferguson was gaining ground in the production of modern tractors and some examples are given below along with their manufacturing years and some specifications.


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