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Types and uses of incontinence bed pads

Types and uses of incontinence bed pads: The data suggests that a percentage between 9.9% and 36.1% is affected by it. Moreover, it is twice as prevalent in elderly women as compared to elderly men.

However, better sleep and easier cleaning can always be achieved with incontinence bed pads.

Bed pads are waterproof covers that are placed under the sheets to protect the mattress from accidents during the night.

Read on to know about their types and various uses.

Disposable bed pads

Disposable bed pads are used only once. They are usually made from a less durable fabric and are intended when it is not possible to wash the bed pad between uses.

Reusable bed pads

Reusable bed pads can be cleaned between uses and reused multiple times. Although reusable bed pads are more expensive initially, they save more money in the long run.

Bed pad with wings

Especially reusable bed pads also contain feathers. These “wings” are extra fabric on the sides of the bed pad that tuck under the mattress.

This keeps the bed pad in place, giving you peace of mind knowing it won’t move under the covers. Incontinence winged bed pads are ideal for restless sleepers.

Alternative use of bed pads

In addition to helping people with incontinence issues, incontinence bed pads can be used for many other things.

Car seat cover

There are hardly any dry towels left after a day at the pool or beach. When wet towels are placed on car seats, chlorinated water or sea salt can corrode and discolor the upholstery leather.

To avoid getting wet, place a lined waterproof bed pad over the seats for a comfortable drive home.


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