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What are dietary supplements?

What are dietary supplements:- For example, dietary supplements serve to supplement or increase the supply of nutrients in the diet. It can be vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, fats and fiber. It is a nutrient extracted from food by industrial processes and can be sold in various forms, such as capsules, powders and beverages.

There are many health benefits depending on the type of supplement, such as: promoting weight loss, optimizing muscle growth, improving sports performance, fighting and preventing dietary deficiencies, and supplements used as medicine to treat various ailments.

What are the types of food supplements?

There are six categories of food, outlined below:

(1) vitamin and mineral supplements;

(2) bioactive substances and probiotics;

(3) new foods and new ingredients;

(4) food with claims of functional and health properties;

(5) supplements for athletes; And

(6) Dietary supplements for pregnant and lactating women

How do I know if a dietary supplement is reliable for my health?

It is common to think that all supplements must be registered here before they can be marketed. And this alone will guarantee us the quality. However, according to the new rules, only supplements containing enzymes or probiotics should be registered in this body. Other food supplements are therefore exempt from such requirements. But, calm down, not being registered before marketing doesn’t mean not being regular. It is mandatory to produce dietary supplements without prior registration or import from a competent health care agency.

In addition, the manufacturer or importer must meet the requirements set out in current law. And this is where the importance of technical reports for these products comes in. Technical reports are opinions issued by authorized organizations or companies. Who are highly specialized in a given field. Knowledge, which certifies the maximum quality of a given product or service. They strictly check whether a product or service meets certain standards.

So, a good way to know if the product of choice is reliable for your health is to observe the company’s concern to win the technical reports and check whether the science in question shows proof of the beneficial effects of the supplement.

How to know the benefits of dietary supplements through scientific articles?

Note the existence of studies showing the effects of complementarity on biological mechanisms in animal and cell studies. And if you are not in the area. So ask the experts if the expected effect of the supplement is linked to that biological method. For which it should work.

Evaluate dose-response, which means. That you need to measure the number of nutrients you need to affect it. resulting in the recommended dosage for consumption.

Evaluate whether the effects have been observed in the supplement prescribed to the general population – population or sub-population (e.g., diabetes, hypertensive, elderly, athletes or not, etc.).

Scientific studies show cause and effect in humans. And proving the association of a nutrient deficiency with a specific disease and evaluating the supplement’s effect in a large number of people only requires taking the supplement for a specific period of time.


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