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Who is Maryam Dawood? What are his achievements?

Who is Maryam Dawood? What are his achievements?: Maryam Dawood and her family have been supporting the charity for a long time in Pakistan. They want to develop excellent healthcare throughout the world. She has remained dedicated to her goal along with her husband Bashir. Many outstanding colleges and universities were funded by him and are named after him as a way of showing respect. One such university is Aga Khan University and another is Maryam Dawood School of Visual Arts.

Why is Maryam Dawood proud to have his name in the Aga Khan University?

Aga Khan University is located in Karachi, Pakistan. It has become one of the largest medical research centers in the country. The aim of the university is to make society a better and safer place to live.

The university has another building called the Center for Innovation in Medical Education or CIME for short. It strives to provide excellent education to future health care professionals like doctors, nurses etc.

The center is funded by Mariamdawood and thus the facility receives high-tech equipment including educational technology and VR to help create a risk-free real-life environment where students can learn a lot. CIME has three buildings, one of which bears the name of Maryam Dawood. The centers and laboratories are well integrated with the internet which allows anyone from anywhere in the world to attend university classes.

Bashir Dawood

Maryam Daoud School of Visual Arts aims to create a link between knowledge and art in an interdisciplinary manner. The school aims to cultivate or develop a culture of hard work and experimentation where no student is afraid to try something new and in the process learn new things and become more creative. Try to give every student a chance to achieve something big in life.

The School of Visual Arts also brings together excellent teachers who have a wealth of experience and come from diverse backgrounds. The faculty here is from around the world like Great Britain, Scotland, Germany and Pakistan itself. The faculty often participates in exhibitions and also works on other programs like projects and seminars etc. for the community.

Getting into the school is challenging, and only a handful are selected each year based on their merit. The school currently has approximately 270 students enrolled.

So, if you want to do social work like Maryam Dawood or attend any school bearing her name, you will not be disappointed.


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