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Why should I go to medical school in the Caribbean?

Why should I go to medical school in the Caribbean?: Taking the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) Phase 1 is mandatory for all international medical graduates who wish to become physicians in the USA after completing a medical degree abroad. So, read on to find out how attending a Caribbean medical school can be a great decision for your career.

Top Reasons to Attend a Caribbean Medical School

In this blog, you will find the top reasons to attend medical school in the Caribbean. So let’s know about these reasons without delay.

Recognized medical school

Accreditation is one of the most attractive reasons for seeking admission to a Caribbean medical school. The Caribbean is home to recognized and renowned medical schools. Top-ranked island medical schools have international certification or accreditation from United States agencies.

Easy entry process

Admission to a prestigious Caribbean medical school is relatively more accessible than its foreign counterparts. Caribbean medical schools have the required academic qualifications, medical curriculum, GPA and MCAT scores within reach of many international medical candidates.

Systems Based US Curriculum

WFME-accredited Caribbean medical schools are known for providing proven quality education to help students succeed in their careers. The medical curriculum offered at top-tier Caribbean medical schools is similar to that offered in the United States.

Student training

Caribbean medical schools are renowned for providing excellent practical experience to matriculation students. Medical students from top-tier island schools gain hospital experience in collaboration with various hospitals. The partnership allows students to visit these hospitals during appointments with physicians. They are also taught to circle patients and review charts with doctors and nurses during hospital visits.

Excellent first time pass rate

It may surprise you, but some Caribbean medical schools have achieved an excellent first-time pass rate of 97 percent on the USMLE Phase 1 in recent years. These medical schools enhance the student’s clinical skills through clerkship after successfully completing the exam.

Prepare for USMLE Phase 2

The United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) is conducted in three phases. After completing the first stage of this challenging exam, top Caribbean medical schools equip matriculating students with the clinical knowledge and clinical skills to help them thrive in USMLE Stage 2 with flying colors.

wrap up

In addition to all these benefits, Caribbean medical schools offer excellent education and student experience to international students. So, apply for a basic science program at a top-tier Caribbean medical school for a rewarding future.


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