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6 Useful Tips on How to Use Online Banking App?

6 Useful Tips on How to Use Online Banking App?: The development of mobile banking applications has revolutionized the banking sector. Most banks have their own customized mobile bank application to help customers to carry out banking activities easily. People can perform their banking tasks and transactions from anywhere using the multi-purpose banking application. Today, these applications have gained a lot of popularity for easy accessibility and other user-friendly banking features.

Mobile banking apps from the best private banks in India offer smart features and tools so users can do most of their banking online. The IDFC First Bank Mobile Banking App is designed to provide unique and effective transaction tools to enable you to manage your money, check account balances, apply for loans, and more. You can also invest money in a deposit scheme or mutual fund.

Here are some tips to make the most of online banking apps:

Open a bank account online and get a debit card

You can download IDFC First Bank mobile app from the play store or app store on your mobile phone and register yourself for the mobile banking facility. To get full access and benefits, open a new digital account online. The app will also enable you to apply for a debit card over the phone after opening online savings or a current bank account.

Manage all your accounts under one platform

IDFC First Bank Mobile App allows the customer to link all the accounts of different banks on a single platform on the app. This will help the customer to manage all the accounts. A customer can transact without going from page to page to log into a bank account. The Bank Account Check feature helps to check the total balance of all the customer’s bank accounts, from payment to the bank.

Receive instant mini-statements

This user-friendly app helps you get bank mini statements and know recent transactions instantly. You can check total balance, transactions and money transfers using this.

Get various types of loans with minimum documents

IDFC First Bank Mobile Banking App helps customers avail personal loans like personal loans, home loans and car loans at low interest rates with minimum documents. A user can get an instant loan within an hour for his immediate needs like education, medical expenses, marriage, purchase of home appliances etc.

Scan and pay with UPI facility

The app helps users to make payments using the Unified Payment Interface (UPI) app and accept payments instantly. A UPI QR code is generated, and the customer can use the ‘scan and pay’ feature to pay the bill. Most banking apps offer UPI transactions, where users can make payments using the ‘scan and pay’ feature and receive money instantly.

Credit Card Reward Redemption:

IDFC First Bank mobile banking app offers lifetime free credit card. You can buy items, pay bills, shop online, withdraw money and earn little or zero percent profit for each purchase. Additionally, you can use these points to pay for other purchases.

With the IDFC First Bank Mobile App, you can get customized features for easy access to the most used tools. If you are still looking for the right banking app, you are at the right place!


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