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Tips for carrying heavy furniture

Tips for carrying heavy furniture: Carrying heavy furniture is never fun. Mostly, this is a job left to the best of professionals. If you insist on doing the heavy lifting yourself, follow these safety tips.

Dress up part

You’ll never see movers in a flip-flop, and for good reason. Keeping your legs steady is especially important, especially when you can’t see where your next move will be. Wear strong tennis shoes if you do not have steel-toe shoes. If you can borrow a velcro back brace, your waist will thank you. It’s easy to stretch your skin at sharp corners, so it’s best to wear jeans and a long-sleeved t-shirt.

Collect the right tools

If possible, avoid rigging equipment that is not designed to carry heavy loads. For example, using a dolly with spring-loaded casters is safer than using your child’s wagon that can bend under the weight. A webbed moving strap can give you something to hold on to when the surface of the furniture is loose or there is no handhold.

Plan your route

You’re probably moving the sofa from the front room to the den, but it’s still important to walk down the aisle with a tape measure to make sure the furniture will fit in the narrowest door. Remove all obstacles from the path. Keep dogs and small children in another room. Lower down anything that can tip, such as lamps and picture frames, if accidentally bumped. Take pictures from the wall. Pad decorative elements that cannot be moved such as new posts or crystal doorknobs. Remember that when you carry very heavy luggage, your main concern will not be to put it on your feet, but to have a safety margin around the knuckle.

When you know you have something to lift, don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you have teenagers on the street, give them five bucks for a few minutes of their time. Most people are happy to help, especially if you already have a lift planned.


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