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How to choose the best school for your children

How to choose the best school for your children: If you are a foreign national living with your family, you may be concerned about your children’s education. However, when it comes to schooling there are many options you can choose from, and one popular option for expats is to send their children to an international school. If you prefer the sound of your children attending an international school, below are some tips to help you make your choice and settle into your new life in Big Cary.

Choose your favorite course

There are many international schools, and you will also find that they all have different courses. You can choose a school that offers British, American, Australian, French, German, Singaporean or other national curricula and help ensure your children get the education you want for them. All international schools will have English as the primary language in the classroom, so if your children can’t read, write and speak Thai, you don’t need to worry, although they will need to learn it.

Choose a conveniently located school

When it comes to choosing an international school. So many of them are scattered around the city and the location of the school can have a significant impact on your life. The farther you are from where you live, the longer it will take to get there and back, and it is notorious for its traffic jams especially when it is raining. You may want to choose one such school. Which is not too far from where you live. Or you can choose to live closer to your favorite school. Which will make daily commute more manageable. You can also choose to live closer to the BTS or MRT transport system. Which can make getting around the city easier.

Make sure your chosen school is affordable

The cost of private education can vary greatly so you’ll also want to make sure you choose a school that has affordable fees. If you have more than one child you will often find that schools offer some sort of discount so you will need to check with any potential school of interest to you. You may also find that if you are employed as a foreigner, your employer can help you with school fees and if not, some companies may offer their employees a discount at certain international schools. Take your time and choose the best school for your kids that you can and you can also help your family settle down and get into the swing of life.


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