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Book-themed birthday party for kids

Book-themed birthday party for kids:- We are living in an age where books have been replaced by screens. However, even today there is a child somewhere who likes to be immersed in books. Let the sick child stay home from school for a day and he will spend the whole afternoon with the Secret Seven or Narnia series. It’s the power of reading!

Young children are still fascinated by Cinderella’s fairy godmother and what happened to the glass shoes. Very few people will like Rapunzel with her long blonde hair. Few people sympathize with the poor ugly duck who wished it were a swan.

Does any of this sound like your baby? If so, today we are going to discuss a very interesting thing. What about a book-themed birthday party?

You can also gift a book to each child in exchange for coming to the party. Sounds good to hear? Read again!

Bookmarks, children’s books, and more. Let’s look at some of the things we can cover here. We need to throw a very memorable book-themed birthday party that your child will love for years to come.

To get started, let’s look at a cake, a book-themed cake.

Book themed birthday cake

Get your Potter fans a beautiful Harry Potter-themed cake and make the day special.

Hungry Caterpillar Book Themed Cake will make your baby shine with joy on his or her first birthday.

A stack of books from your child’s favorite book series is also a great idea for a book theme cake.

For a simpler design, delight your child with a delicious photo cake with a food book cover printed on it. Order Cake Online in Delhi can be easily customized and has many options.

You can get a collage of all the books from your child’s favorite series printed on a large delicious cake. You can also print covers, characters, or scenes from the latest book he is reading. Make sure you choose whatever flavor your child likes.

From classic vanilla to the best fruit flavors of the season, there are many flavors you can choose from.

This way, the kids get to eat cakes that set the mood for book lovers and at the same time, add a little sweetness to their day.

Play some book-themed games

Manage games where children return to the pages of books. Let them remember the characters, events, and other fun things that will make that evening memorable for your bookworm and his friends.

Dress-up games are always fun. They can borrow themes from their favorite fairy tale books, such as Rapunzel or Harry Potter. Watch the kids enjoy themselves when it comes to their creative best.

Send The Secret Seven or Famous Five fans on an adventurous treasure hunt and they’ll love every moment of it.

Give some book-themed gifts

With bookworms, this is a no-brainer. Give them books or books and anything related to reading and they go home, happy baby!

This can be anything from a bookcase, book organizer, or book holder so kids can adjust to the latest books they want to read. You can also take a mixture of all these. You can add some stationery to it like a bookmark, because (you may have seen it before) book lovers have a relationship with stationery.

Enjoy your book-themed birthday party

In the end, of course, you have space, music, and decorations to think about. When you can’t actually have a birthday party in the library, you can always transform your home into a look and feel.

Decorate your home with short passages and quotes from books that children can read and walk around. Your party can awaken those little ones and start a passion for reading.


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