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Learn all about EtsyHunt

Learn all about EtsyHunt: For Etsy sellers, EtsyHunt is a one-stop shop. It helps to research products and Etsy ranks. Additionally, a list of top Etsy shops is provided for better tag analysis and Etsy listings.

We review the most popular Etsy product listings every day. This reports expected weekly sales and other data for Etsy SEO that we update.

Selling on Etsy Can Be Done Smartly

Utilize Etsy to conduct your market research!

  • Keyword Research
  • Product Research
  • Etsy Reviews
  • Ranking

Find Handmade Top Products on Etsy & Amazon

  • Utilizing our Etsy tool for researching products it is possible to identify the four major patterns in the past sales prices, price, favorite items reviews, and favourites.
  • The complete product information as well as the most popular products according to category are regularly updated in the Etsy tools for research. There aren’t any special items here.
  • Our Etsy tool for product research also provides Amazon Handmade items and dormant Etsy products.

Improve your Etsy SEO with this Etsy Keyword Tool

  • The Etsy keyword tool lists the most searched-for keywords as well as Etsy stats with the latest information on a daily basis.
  • The Etsy keyword tool gives you additional information on the top 100 products that include the keywords you type in as well as their sales ranking, categories, shipping times and more.
  • Also, The Etsy keyword tool will help you in making the most successful Etsy listing, with ideas for title writing tags, writing, and pricing of items.

The Best Etsy Shop Ideas to Keep You Inspired

  • What can I sell on Etsy? Make use of the Etsy Shop Analyzer to create an endless list of feasible shop concepts you can pick from and take inspiration from.
  • How do you sell on Etsy? Get advice from experienced sellers. The most popular sellers with their categories, sales, tags reviews, listings, and tags are offered via Our Etsy Shop analyzer.

Manage all Etsy Review Reviews Easily by following-up

  • Reminders – Consumer screening that is accurate Eliminate orders that have poor reviews.
  • Integrating an API that is secure and automates uploading consumer data.
  • Integrated AI templates to help Etsy messages to improve the response rate.
  • Support bulk email exports of Etsy orders as well as visually analyzing Etsy shop reviews with just one click.

Additional Options More Information

In addition, EtsyHunt provides a fantastic selection of Etsy tools, including

  • The API for eCommerce Data. eCommerce Data API
  • Etsy tags extension
  • Etsy Fast View Extension, and
  • Calculate the Etsy fee


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