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A guide on electricity charges

A guide on electricity charges: When it comes to choosing which commercial electricity tariff is right for one, one can get lost in an ocean of unsavory jargon and waffle. This makes the right electricity tariffs in Singapore even more problematic and one can feel a universe of avoidable pressure.

Commercial electricity charges

A flat commercial electricity tariff is a gentler option for those who have a bit more financial security, as the unit price remains the same throughout the combined term of the contract. Subsequently, this style of commercial electricity bills makes planning and financial estimation easier, which is great for SMEs or those with less financial freedom.

Electricity rates Singapore

A deterrent to this type of deal is that if discounted power is found cheaper in the market, no one will see the benefit unless someone else chooses the deal. Additionally, these arrangements, while safe, will often be more expensive, as some providers may charge slightly more per kilowatt hour as a measure of the likelihood of unusual changes in the market.

Variable Commercial Electricity Tariff

Variable commercial electricity tariffs differ from fixed tariffs in that the unit price fluctuates as in the payment discount electricity market. A major advantage of this is that when the cost of electricity is low, individuals opting for a flat rate can pay significantly less. The downside is, if expenses go the other way, you could be stuck with a higher bill than expected. Looking at the variables that affect commercial gas and electricity costs can help determine if this style of tariff is what one is looking for.


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