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Gift ideas for teachers on farewell

Gift ideas for teachers on farewell:- Not all superheroes wear hats, some teach! And those superheroes are our favorite teachers. Teachers play a vital role in shaping our future. So, as a token of appreciation, why not give them something special as a token of gratitude for their hard work and dedication. Our teachers put our heart and soul into making us successful, now on this Teacher’s Day it is our turn to give our heart and soul the best gift that he will remember for a lifetime. Give them something that is not only unique but also personal to make their day brighter.

Before finding the perfect gift for your teachers, be sure to give them something useful in class or at home. Give up the habit of giving chocolates and bouquets, be a fantastic student and give her something that will make her remember your personality even after you graduate from school or college.

Here is a list of personalized gifts that you can give your teacher on the last day of school and make them feel special:

Personalized mugs:

Giving your teacher a gift of a ceramic coffee mug with a trustworthy Teacher’s Day greeting is a really cool idea. You can write a message on it like the best teacher in the world, a teacher like you is blessed together or a note of thanks will also work. You can also customize the mug with a picture of your teacher or a class group photo with the class name and section engraved on it. We bet she will like it and will always remember Bach for such an extraordinary gift.

Set of scented candles

There are many scented candles available in the market that you can give as a gift to your teacher. It is available in a variety of scents and shapes of many beautiful candles such as rose shaped candle, vase shaped candle and many more individual candles. Aside from the usual chocolates and bouquets this is a unique gift option and also useful. She can use it to smell good in her house or during festivals.


The importance of plants is well known and in these challenging times in terms of environment, plants not only serve as a decoration of your home but also provide various health benefits. These days the plant has really become a trendy gift giving option and the recipient really appreciates the thinking behind giving it a gift. Specially gifted to the teacher, you can choose indoor succulent plants that will act as a magical stress reliever and bring them good health benefits. You can choose to gift money plants, aloe vera, stone lotus and lucky bamboo plants. All of these plants are unique in their own right and their health benefits are well known. Choose online from a huge collection of Terrarium, Juicy Plants, Ferns, Adenium, Orchids and get online gift delivery of plants in Bangalore, Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai if your school is anywhere.

Handmade Painting:

Giving the gift of your painting to your teacher is nothing more than a gift. You can hire an artist to do his oil painting. And can frame it for gifting her on the day of her departure. He will be amazed with this unique idea to make his day special with handmade oil painting. You can also ask the artist to add a handwritten note to the painting. Where you can thank all the students for being the best sculptor and friendly guide in all the difficult times.

Greeting card with handwritten letter:

Handwritten letters were considered the most valuable gift in those days. We can choose this classic old school gift option that will definitely make your teacher emotional. You can choose unique teacher day greeting card with 3D ornaments and beautiful exterior design and border. Inside you can write a long letter about how you appreciate your teacher’s time and dedication to her students. And how he will always be your favorite teacher.You can also mention the life lessons learned from them. A faithfully handwritten letter is more pure gold than any other materialistic gift.

A personal pen:

Last but not least a teacher’s best friend is a pen. The teacher needs a pen in every area of ​​life. Giving your teacher a personal name pen is a really wonderful Teacher’s Day idea. You can choose to gift a wooden pen with their name on it. Or even a luxury pen wrapped in an exquisite box will do wonders. Giving your teacher a red pen as a gift will never be in vain as they will have to use it periodically. But by giving a personal pen they can keep it forever because it has all the beautiful memories of the class.


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